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Computers are in an everlasting state of change. As new technology emerges, computing components get more and more capable for specific applications and fields. For example, an architect may need a computer with a considerable load of highly efficient RAM to run specialized software efficiently, requiring at least 32 GB of RAM. In comparison, a gamer can get away with 8 GB of RAM but require a more efficient graphics card. There’s not a computer objectively better than the other; it’s just better at performing other types of tasks according to its components. With the help of our experts you will get a full desktop upgrade that will be able to fulfill your particular needs! Don’t settle for less than the best, and get your computer upgrades from a leading company in the area.

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Computers, just like any machine, will require upgrades with time! Just like you would upgrade the old brake disks in your car for brand new ones, your computer requires some changes to keep up with today’s evolving technology and demands! Get your laptop upgrade directly from a team of professionals that has been doing this since 1995. Whether you need a PC RAM upgrade or a graphic card update, we’ve got you covered!

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If you want to get your laptop or PC upgraded by a tried and tested IT company based out of Dayton you’ve come to the right place! The best part of everything? WE COME TO YOU! Whether it’s in your home or office, we will go to you to upgrade your computer to fit your needs. Get our PC upgrade services from Home Computer Helper today!

Our Full Range of Services

Home Service

We will go directly to your home to fix your PC or laptop!

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Office Service

We will go directly to your office to fix your PC or laptop!

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Computer Upgrade

Breathe new life into your computer with the latest upgrades!

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Network Installation

We can handle complex residential and commercial network installations.

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