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It could be challenging to locate a respectable business that provides top-notch IT services, but we’ve got you covered. Home Computer Helper can handle all of Kettering, OH’s computer servicing requirements as well as those of the nearby communities. Since 1995, our team of highly skilled professionals has been providing our clients with excellent service.

Comprehensive IT Services for All Your Computer Needs

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Your computer’s smooth and proper operation is very essential to us. Thus, we take great delight in offering computer repair and maintenance services and work hard to deliver outcomes that you will be pleased with. When it comes to getting computers back into the hands of individuals like you who actually need them, we are experts! We can fix both hardware and software problems thanks to our many years of industry knowledge.

Here is a list of computer services we’re proud to offer you:

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Due to their extensive technological understanding, our professionals can offer solutions for anything, from straightforward virus removal to intricate computer upgrades. We won’t ask you to pay for anything that is not required, so you won’t be overcharged. With the aid of our first-rate IT services, we at Home Computer Helper can assist all of our Kettering, OH clients with their computer issues. Please get in touch with us immediately to learn more.

Our Full Range of Services

Home Service

We will go directly to your home to fix your PC or laptop!

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Office Service

We will go directly to your office to fix your PC or laptop!

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Computer Upgrade

Breathe new life into your computer with the latest upgrades!

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Network Installation

We can handle complex residential and commercial network installations.

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Allow our seasoned computer experts to breathe new life into your PC or laptop professionally and thoroughly! You won’t have to worry about carrying your PC and all the small components to us; we’ll go to you! Contact us today and call (937) 619-9333 to speak with one of our gurus.